Mother’s day

Today’s Mother’s day in Sweden and I’m about to go to Trelleborg. Dinner appointment and just now I remembered I forgot to take any pictures yesterday. All I cared about was that my mascara might make me look like a panda. I was careless enough to wear the non waterproof one when it was raining cats and dogs outside. And that reminds me to make a table reservation somewhere to take my mom out. I feel like giving her a little extra although I’m not really into that commercial stuff.

The night was good to us yesterday. However my review will be delayed as I overslept today again! Bollocks! But on second thought, I probably needed it. Usually, I’m not able to sleep whenever my Dutch half gets out of bed and these mornings I have not even noticed that I’ve been alone in bed. Tired? YES.

Anyway, bus leaves in a few so I gotta go too. Write you guys later!

//c_Cae; gonna smile the crap outta the rain today! #winning (published at 1337, I’m awesome)


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