Manic Monday

I overslept this morning too! And here I was thinking I’ve done so well and not overslept once during a school day. I still got there in time but it doesn’t change the fact that I missed the bus I intended to take. Today started slowly but after around 10 am it was speeded up.

Met up with the other half for a coffee and ended unexpectedly with his parents at the Espresso House. Funny since I was about to go for an interview at their main office. It went great although we were 17 people. I hate group interviews, but I feel like I got a good chance. We’ll see. She said she’d call for a follow up in 3 weeks. I hate waiting, but if it means I get this job it’d be great. From bartender to barista.

But this eventful day also meant that I had to skip lunch. Sometimes I have to although my mother keeps reminding me it is not a good thing. And that reminds me I got shitloads to do still! Laters~

//c_Cae; getting things done!


One response to “Manic Monday

  1. Sv: Tack så jätte mycket!

    Du ska se att du får jobbet, just wait and see! ;)

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