Just came home from a day long excursion and I never want to sit under a steaming hot sun again unless I’m wearing a bikini. Saw lots of interesting stuff today but all photos I took were too blurry to be published :(.

Yesterday was very eventful. After waking up unable to move, I still got my ass to school. Nothing really happened there so I went over to the Dutch place and cleaned. Yes, yesterday afternoon was like a Monica-moment for me. After all that cleaning I felt good. I love clean places.

The original plan for yesterday was for me to pick up two friends at the central station, but as I thought plans would run smoothly I was soon proven wrong as the day passed. Caught up in my cleaning, I almost missed the bus. Luckily, luck was on my side at that point and I managed to get on the one I planned to be on. Getting closer to the station, my mother calls and tells me she is in the basement locked in due to a power outage. I could tell she was in a slight panic. So I call my dad to guide him the way and give mom a torch. Like me, my dad has no sense of direction and our mission failed. As I try to get a hold of our janitor, I get a message from my friends telling me they’re stuck in Landskrona due to a power outage. Crapper! Okay, I thought, they’re delayed which only gives me more time to help mom. As my friends find their way to Malmö, I rush home only to find that I’m not the only one that was in a hurry home. Half of the city was, too. A ride that usually takes no more than 10 minutes took me 30 min yesterday. And the most ironic part was, that once I set foot at Södervärn, the electricity was back on. That only meant that mom was safe again.

I had no time to eat slowly so I rushed through dinner as usual and managed to meet up with my friends three hours later than planned. However, they did get here safely and for that I am thankful. Having fun as friends always have, I lost track of time and when I realized it I had to rush to take the bus once again. It didn’t get better when I had to change buses but I got home, only to wait before I could go to sleep. Days like those, I really wish I had a clone or two. One could always sleep for me so the rest of me could be out doing things all the time.

//c_Cae; the closest thing to drama that I get nowadays *thank god*


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