1 month left!

And then I’ll officially be closer to 30 than I am to 20. Feels great, and honestly, I look forward to it. That, and the fact that I have other things to celebrate in a month from now.

Tomorrow is when I disappear to Degeberga to look at plants for 7 days. Honestly, that sounds boring, and I really hope that it won’t rain. At least not during day time, during nights and evenings the rain is more than welcome. I don’t really want to go but I have to so I will just bear with it and endure another 10 days before summer break is finally here.

There’s a thunderstorm outside and it just passed the roof of the house we live in. Quiet appropriately, my siblings are watching 2012. I will seriously watch that movie in 2013 and laugh a lot.

All I can think of now is if I have it all in my luggage to survive those 7 days. I tend to forget something all the time when I’m out travelling. Although it doesn’t matter the times I go to Vietnam, since I just buy whatever I need over there, I can’t really do that this time. Why? Because the closest thing to civilization there will be is probably a tiny teeny little ICA.

But these things I learned a long time ago...

I don’t know what it’ll be with the internet connection while I’m gone so I will have no idea how much I will update. But I do have my iPhone (thank god!). Oh, iPhone! I’m sad that Apple didn’t announce the next generation iPhone, don’t they know I really need a new one?

//c_Cae; can’t time pass faster? I really want it to be like, uh, September now!


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