Speedy weekend

I’m pretty bad at updating when I’m as busy as I have been this weekend, but I guess that goes for many other bloggers.
Anyhow, I’m waiting for pictures taken from grandpa’s dinner party and as usual, I had a great time. Managed to sit next to my god mother who updated me about her latest adventure. Being her age, she is still very active. I like that about her, she is always doing something and she always live each day is if it was the last.

Later that night, we all joined at my grandparents’ house for some games. As always, my uncles had all of us cracked up in laughter. Too bad we all meet so rarely, but once we do, we laugh a lot.

Saturday was pretty much just helping mom out picking a computer. After many doubts, she finally chose a MacBook Pro. And honestly, I don’t get it. However, she finally gets her own computer so that’s a good thing.

Today was all about the beach, good company and a barbecue. Being full of food, the rest of the company enjoyed the cold waters of Öresund while I, the nerdy me, tried to determine what kind of sea weed I was seeing under the water surface.

Sweet moments of life :D

Right now, I just have to endure 10 more days. Then, I can fully commit to my side-projects. I like it that those little projects have grown big enough to keep my busy during the summer days. Oh, how I long for that summer vacation where I can wake up and go wherever to get some work done.

Tomorrow’s schedule offers a lot of laundry (again) and a lot of packing. I’ll be going on a field trip to round off the last course, and therefore it will be less likely for me to update. But I’ll do what I can, after all I will have my iPhone with me although it sometimes refuses to cooperate with me.

//c_Cae; more muesli? 


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