Busy as always

I still suck at updating! Just woke up from a nap that I intended to last for an hour, instead I slept for 3. I need to keep writing those reviews before it falls out of my head. I’m also thinking about joining a charity event this fall, but we’ll see. I really do want to join, so I’ll probably make it happen. The idea about it is to sell clothes we no longer use, through auctioning or by set price. All the money goes uncut to some kind of charity, what it is, is yet to be decided.

I was out partying this weekend, and to be frank, I have not really missed it. I think I’m old now, not wanting to party. However, I’m turning 25 in just 2 weeks, so we’ll see whatever crazy plan I’ll pull off. Other than that, the weekend has pretty much been spontaneous visits to the movie theaters. Yes, visits. Got a call from friends two days in a row asking what I was doing, and since I’ve missed these crazy people, I agreed. But this city is so boring sometimes, that we all decided to just go see a movie. Fast 5 and X-men First Class had the honor of our presence, so to those of you that read my reviews, expect a bomb of them soon. Gotta go write now, laters~

//c_Cae; occasionally stares at my phone  hoping best girl Eileen will text me back soon


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