Alright, new week and I start it with laundry. See, I like laundry. Just as long as it doesn’t mean that I have to sit down in a basement and have a staring contest with the machines (because they tend to stop whenever they feel like it). And here at mom’s, laundry means staring down the machines.

Gonna head to the library later to borrow books and finish a project (yes, the one with the numbers). I want to finish it this month, and I think we can. When I find the book I want to read, I’ll come home, dump my computer and go out to read it. Maybe sit under a tree, or get lost riding a bus heading somewhere. That’s typically me. Going somewhere with a book, get caught up in reading it and later I find myself lost in the middle of nowhere. Okay, not really. You can literally walk from one end to another in Malmö in less than 2h. Gotta run, I gotta win against the machines!

//c_Cae; will talk about weekend and what’s up for this week later. 


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