And here we go again

This weekend probably did what all the weekends before it never succeeded to do. The mid summer dinner/barbecue in a insignificant little village named Trelleborg was pleasant. It’s really a tiny city, but it’s so small I don’t really want to recognize it as one, haha.

Nothing was really planned, but a friend wanted to check out what has become of the city’s night life since we left it last. So we did, and I must admit I’m so out of shape (read; “I’m fat as a hippo”) that I can still feel the ache in my muscle after those hours of dart. That night, I probably had too much to drink. A little off the normal me, since I’m usually the most sober one no matter how much I drink. But my birthday is coming up, and I can’t be “rusty”.

Although that night out had me all beaten up the following Sunday, it was worth it. It helped me sort my thoughts, and I’m now planning more in detail of what is going to happen each month. I realized that I’ve had a rough plan about the whole Australia thing, and we can’t have that. Or, I can’t have that. I need details, and I need them to be good. So here I am, being all grown up and planning my future. It feels good. Okay, it feels great. I’m finally getting somewhere. And it made me so proud to see my grades today. They’re not really that impressive, at least they don’t really meet my expectations. But who gives? I made it through. Finally feels like I’m getting somewhere with my plans. That’s why I feel it’s so important to plan in even more details. Baby steps, right?

Sun is shining and I’m off to raid my grandma’s garden. I wish I had time to grow my own veggies. Maybe I can talk my grandparents into giving me a little lot in their huge yard. That way I’ll make time to grow my own veggies, and I get to see them more often. Hm… We’ll see. Off I go!

//c_Cae; have you ever thought of that once the elderly leave this life, their stories are forever lost unless the younger generation take time to hear them out? 


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