Oh my, it feels good to have been in a garden! Seriously, the bugs don’t even bug me anymore (word play intended). Mom and I picked a lot of veggies, although most of it was just salad. And we only intended to pick herbs, but ended up with a few kilo of salad along with it. And a bag of fresh strawberries. I don’t think it get any more eco-friendly that this, because my grandparents never use any pesticides and since they only live about 11km away from mom.

So from now on, whenever I need veggies, I’ll call my grandparents and raid their garden. They grow too much for themselves to eat anyway, so the glutton grand child will simply help them out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the yard itself, but I did get pictures of some of the harvest and of the apples that are growing.

Imagine all the pies...

and all the neat things you can do with apples. mmm... food...

Close up on the harvest.

There was about double that amount when we first came home with it. This is after the ninja bunny came...

//c_Cae; wonders what kind of salad I should make for tomorrow’s lunch…


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