The day without electricity

I was out running errands as usual, when mom called around noon to tell me that the electricity was gone. First thing to my mind? “Are the fish alright?”. Not even in a situation like that am I able to forget the fish. I’m a freak, and I love it.

Running around town in flip flops is not recommended btw. Bad idea in my opinion. It left my knee hurting, my feet feel like jelly and not to mention all the dirt! Gosh, I wish it could be as clean here as it is in Singapore. Yes, I have been there and I have walked the streets and even rolled around on the ground in a white outfit to prove how clean it is. I should live there as the clean freak I am.

To other things: I need to get myself one of those huge calenders to put on my desk. I need it to plan better. Feels like I waste paper when I jot down the dates and whatever I have to write down on each day.  I could do it digitally, but I feel like it’s better motivation if I get to stare at it whenever I take my eyes off my computer screen. Also, I should get a mini calendar for work outside my room. We’ll see what I do, but I know for sure I will need the big one.

Due to the power outage, we couldn’t cook dinner at mom’s so we all went out for dinner. At the restaurant (China Garden by the way, tell the owner I said hi, and you’ll get better food), we met a childhood friend of mine. She got a son about 9 months ago, and he is adorable (like most babies). My dad, on the other hand has moved from giving me subtle hints to clear ones. Hints for me to have babies. At first, it was only about getting married. That stopped when I said I’ll marry an American (dad thinks all Americans are idiots, I wish he met my American friends…). Anyhow, now he is really pushing my button on kids. I like kids, I want kids. But I sure don’t want them now. I have a career to deal with first, then we can talk!

Dinner was alright, but I got really disappointed when I saw they serve shark fin soup. Then I found out that the “shark fin” in the soup is really glass noodles. My inner activist rejoiced, one more win for the sharks.

//c_Cae; going to quench my thirst with two honey melons… (ps, pun so not intended)


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