Tonnes of it!

Tonnes of plans that is! Friday is pretty much my only day off.

Saturday: ice cream with one of my best friends, picking up people at the central station (also hang out with these people) and eventually getting a late fika. Don’t know what a fika is? Come to Sweden, and I’ll show you!

Sunday: continue to hang out with people I picked up the day before, show them around and maybe make them dinner, if they behave… I also have to make a schedule for my projects the rest of the summer…

Monday: keep hanging out with the “tourists”, meet Tina and go to Falsterbo. Check if schedule is alright with everyone involved.

Tuesday: I need to see my calendar for that. Though I think I am going to take my mom out for a date or something.

My muscles have really been working today as I did some hard work in the future workshop to a jewelry designer I happen to know. Her designs are simple, but awesome. Very gorgeous little things she creates, definitely recommended for those that like simplicity in whatever bling they may wear. Anyhow, I got a few of her designs today as gifts. I’ll show them tomorrow when I have time to take photos of them. Now I gotta sleep, tomorrow means meeting a class mate for school work. So much for a day off huh?

//c_Cae; who knew painting walls and redecorating was so much fun?


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