What I’m missing now

Is a few good books, fresh fruit, salads and lots of cool tea. So tomorrow, I’ll head out to the library before the endless fight with the laundry machines. After that I’ll spend the day with my lovely lady Tina, and we’ll head to Falsterbo. I feel like there is so much for me to do this summer, and I absolutely adore it. So many positive things, and although life surely will hit me in the face with a few challenges, I have only one thing to say; Challenge accepted!

This coming week, I’ll probably just focus on myself and my family. But I know for sure that I will try to shove in some work, I just know I will. New week, new energy here I come!

//c_Cae; it’s my birthday on Wednesday! I think I know for sure no one I know has been so excited in getting older as I am right now


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