Level 25

Ding! Just hit 25, and it feels great! I really don’t get why people expect me to feel old and experience a minor “middle age” crisis. Middle age is like uh, 80? I feel like I just turned 7 waiting for my mom to come home with a cake. I don’t want cake, I just want a table full of meat and sushi. And salad. We’ll see what today brings, I think there’ll be a dinner party with just my family. Friends and foes have to wait until Saturday. Then we’ll hit this city hard!

I’m also celebrating my 2nd anniversary with my Dutch half. Don’t ask me how he pulls off with this load of crazy, cause I have no clue. All I know is that it works, and that is all that matters. I should go buy flowers and chocolate, but chances are that I will eat it all before I even get to where he works. Whops…

//c_Cae; I’m 25! :D 


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