Crazy idea

Just read a tweet of Philippe Cousteau (yes, grandson of the legendary Jacques-Yves), and it hit me. Why should Lund University not invite him for his speech? It’s inspirational, and very much needed for various reasons. First of all, our oceans need us, if there is no oceans – there is no us. Second, I’m seriously sick of the people walking around in the Biology building with one thing in their minds. That’s not that they would like to contribute to help, but to study because there isn’t anything else to do. That fact, angers me since there are probably countless of people out there who would die to get a seat to study what they love. I’m gonna talk to some people once I get back to uni this fall and I’ll see what I can do…

//c_Cae; crazy is not the same as insane, right Eve? 


One response to “Crazy idea

  1. Exactly my yellow little friend! And you are right, he should be speaking at Lund uni. Even I would wanna go see/hear him. He has alot of important and relevant things to say. So keep hoping!!

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