I am horrible at updating! But it has its reason, and that reason is spelled w-o-r-k, the kind that actually pays me. It’s a shitty pay check, but it’s better than recieving nothing while sitting on my ass. Anything is better than that.

So for the couple of weeks, I’ve been working pretty much 16 hours a day (50% of that is paid, and that’s also pretty much of the time that’s physical labor). The rest of the 24h each day are spent in my bed. Oh, how I miss it now.
I did intend to take a nap after I had my very late lunch, but that changed while I was showering. I didn’t want to go to bed all dirty and sweaty from work, so I took a shower. While in there, I had many ideas popping up in my head and thought that if I apply those ideas into reality, I would go to bed early today. After all, a proper night’s sleep beats all power-naps you can take during your day up. So here I am, blogging to let those two faithful readers that I have, that I am very much alive.

Other than the physical work, I’ve actually even been writing reviews. But the reviews for WAA seem to be delayed as I still have not been granted access to post. Right now, there’s 1.5 finished reviews (because the one for Paul is not entirely done yet) for DigiFox. Unfortunately, I cannot post those here just yet since they are reserved for the release to the DigiFox site. Yup, we’re up for a make-over right now so there’ll be a whole new look to the site!

I think I gotta lay down, but I really don’t want to. Blah! I need to get better at listening to my own body…

//c_Cae; doesn’t get more work-o-holic than this!


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