This very moment, I am in a tent. It’s raining cats and dogs outside of it, but as smart as I am, I parked our car right beside the tent. That way, we’ll be close to anything we need without getting our stuff or ourselves wet. I know it’s not the real deal, but I think this is the closest thing to camping I get. Last time I camped, I was in seventh grade. That time it was raining too. Coincidence, I think not. I can already feel the moist in the tent increasing by the minute, and I don’t even like getting wet like this. The only wet I approve of, is when showering, bathing or when diving.

I must admit that the drive was exhausting. By the end of it, I was so tired all I wanted to do was to sleep. And I almost did, in the car! Of course, we were already here and as the boys were setting up the tent, I was lazy and stared out the car window struggling not to sleep.

We’ll be here for a while. Actually, we’re scheduled to be here until Tuesday! I miss the city, and I’d (for once) like the rain to stop. I’m already wearing several layers of clothes and will sleep in the thickest blankets I could bring with me. I should have bought the aluminium blanket that isolates the cold, but at the same time it reflects your own body heat to heat you up. In other words, with that awesome blanket, you’d be heating yourself. I have got to get myself one of those, they could be very handy once I head out to sea again. Whenever that is.

Anyway, I only intended to update what I am up to these days. Camping until Tuesday and then heading to visit my lovely lady Eve. Now I just have to put on the bug repellant before I wait for the other half to return, so I can sleep. Perhaps he will be too long though, he did bring the Absolut Mango with him…

//c_Cae; concrete jungle girl goes camping, we’ll see how this ends…


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