Cherry coma

While making a few phone calls, I was having too many cherries hence the title. I really should study, but to be honest, I am way too exhausted. I just want to sleep. It’s Friday, and I didn’t realize it until the moment I wrote this sentence (had to look on the screen to check, lol).

The camping trip was great minus the heat we woke up in every morning. Except from that and somewhat wet blankets (because the humidity was too much, don’t think anything else!) it was all good. We barbecued all days, and I can promise I’m still not sick of it. I absolutely love a well-grilled steak with steamed veggies. Who knew I was a great grill-maester?

During the vacation, I had little time where I did not think of work. Basically, it was almost all I thought of. Of course work was taken off my mind once I got hungry. I must admit, though that going on vacation with kids wasn’t as bad as I thought. Sometimes, I thought the adults were much more difficult to handle than the kids… The kids were alright most of the time, we had to teach them some manners, but in the end it all worked out the way it should have. But being the only couple with no kids on a vacation, makes you the involuntary babysitter all the time! I don’t mind though, since they’re kids and parents need some time off. Besides, I’ve been babysitting since I turned four…

Once again, I sucked at taking pictures. Did manage to take a few of myself but none of them turned out really good *sad face*.

Oooh! My Transformers: Dark of the Moon review is being edited! It’ll be released in the next DigiFox issue, the exact date is yet to be released. I’m really excited! But at the same time, I know in the back of my head that I should be working on the Paul review. I’m thinking of giving it a little twist on the style. I feel like I need to break the pattern a little to spice it up. Then it’ll be up to my editor to give me some feedback. And of course, you guys too although you really suck at commenting.

Anyway, here’s a few pics from the vacation!

Felicia, how I love that little girl! She kept telling us we should go live with her in her house so we could always play with her and her fantasy butterfly (it was huge and you could fly to any destination with it). Oh, children <3
The make out booth!
This picture needs no description for those who know me. Yellow ftw!

//c_Cae; mending the cherry coma with dinner. Fight fire with fire? No, fight food with food *nom nom


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