Good day!

Today was absolutely amazing. Maybe that’s exaggerated in the opinion of others, but since when did I care about what others thought? Anyway, my confused self emerged today as well as my free-spirited side. Of some reason, nothing could stop me from smiling, and I think it rubbed off on the people I work with.

The day was made even more awesome when I found a very interesting looking corn. Take a look yourselves and judge. Is it a corn with a baby corn or something else? (pun intended!)

I seriously couldn’t stop laughing. Until someone took it :( It wasn’t even for sale!

It’s days like these that really make it fun to be there. I’m not saying all other days are hard, but it just top things up when something as hilarious as this shows up. And the day only got better. On my way home, I stopped by another stand and made notice of how pretty the flowers were. Whoops and I got three! For the first time in like 6 years, I got flowers from someone other than my dad! The joy!

I’m in love. I like the top one the most, I don’t really even know why.

//c_Cae; days like these are golden!


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