Numb legs and a Tuesday

My visit to Trelleborg last Saturday did not have a happy ending. The dinner party was nice, except that someone else wore the same dress as I. Despite that, it was all funny and I pretty much ate for four hours.

The reason why it wasn’t all happy was because I woke up with entirely numb legs. I freaked out. So I sat up and saw my legs. Well, what looked like legs at least. 40 mosquito bites. I don’t think there’s a smiley for what I must’ve looked like. I knew I was allergic to the bites, but I thought wearing pants would at least ward off 38 of them… I was wrong. So my legs were swollen, and the half-awake me tried to get off bed. It just took me 10min to walk to the bathroom (the bathroom is less than 10 meters away from my bed). I couldn’t bend knees or ankle, so that doesn’t require a genius to figure out how I walked. I kept thinking that a zombie had more mobility than I. My left leg looked like this:

it was a lot more swollen than it seems on this blurry pic

I thought it would pass, but it didn’t. Luckily, I had someone cover for me at work so it would allow me some time to go to a pharmacy. I couldn’t even put my pants on, that was how swollen my legs were… Stupid murder mosquitoes giving me bites from hell. Imagine what would have happened if some of them got to my throat? Oh right, one actually did… Stupid bugs.

Anyway! Enough about the bugs! I found a new coffee shop, and I have completely fallen in love with it. It’s located in Davidshall. The barista there is a Transformers fan and his car’s original logo is replaced with the Transformers’ logo. If that didn’t do it for me, the coffee sure did! So now I spend a lot of time (and money, lol) there. Going there tomorrow to study with Jill the awesome. If you can’t reach me tomorrow, go there!

//c_Cae; will probably see Lisa Miskovsky tomorrow too. 


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