The most dangerous serial-killer of all time

Homo zappiens! 

My evening classes are truly inspiring! The previous lecture was to inspire us to exercise physically. Only in Sweden, every tenth girl cannot run with the same pace (8km/h) for 10 min straight! Imagine those numbers in the States… The reason for the title is simply how humans have evolved to be lazier. Consider this: what do you do when you have nothing to do? You sit. The human body is evolved to be an active one, sitting down is probably one of the least active things you can do. Exercising don’t necessarily mean that you have to go out and run until your legs fall off, or to swim until you become a fish. A little is enough, and it can be as little as choosing the stairs instead of that really tempting escalator. Humans have meant to made life easier, but instead we have developed diseases (think heart diseases) because we do not fully take advantage of what our amazing body can do. Imagine several thousands of years ago, when we had to walk miles to gather food, while we today can just drive to the closest fast food restaurant and have the food come to us. We don’t even have to move to get the food, there’s home delivery.

I’m not saying I’m an athlete, I just want to let others know too where we’re heading as a human race. Not only do we not realize that we’re killing the planet and all life that reside in it, but we’re ruining ourselves too.

“If insects left the planet, within 50 years the planet would have died. If humans left the planet, within 50 years, it would thrive.”

Think about it. Think about it today. How do you change for the better?


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