Entourage 9/11

When I started watching the series Entourage, I never thought that I would be sad for it to end. It started out so shallow, but deepened as the seasons went on. The character of Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), will forever be a strong character that I’ll always carry with me.

The very last episode is airing on the 11th of September (this coming Sunday). It’s an interesting date, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. As the newspaper articles slowly sneaks up on our computer screens, we’re continuously met by headlines about how that day forever changed mankind. Don’t get the following wrong now, I probably lost someone there too since I have friends who never answered my calls nor my mails, and I do empathize with the victims.  But (!) it makes me appreciate what I have even more. September 11 2001 will never be forgotten, but what is important is right now. What we can do for the future, what we can change to prevent such events from happening. We’re always met by articles and opinions of how bad terrorism is, and how wiping that out would help all of mankind. However, we have a million problems on this planet that probably need more attention that terrorism. Of course, we all dislike the fact that people die no matter the cause. But isn’t it better to work for the future together instead of just putting all attention in one branch of potential danger? It seems to me that this fight-or-flight mechanism is wrong somewhere. Unfortunately, people in general seem to emphasize on the saddest parts of the past. The past is the past, and it should forever remain there. The past should always be a part of who you are, and it should never define you. Ever.

Having that said, I just want to tell everyone that reads – I absolutely love the weather! Although it was gloomy, my buses never showed and when it did, it broke down, I was entirely fine with it. Why? I have my life. I’m so high on life right now, if you met me, you’d think I’d be high on something else! I just adore the fact that I can wear my winter wardrobe soon, and that I can kick colorful leaves off the ground. Little things, like drinking coffee outside in the blistering cold with good friends. I had my share of the summer, so let the next season give us its goodies. Oh, by the way! It’s been a while since I got a request on something to review! Is there a brave soul out there that dares to take on this blog’s comment fields?

Until next time, try not to get groovy to this awesome song (although its lyrics are less groovy, but well written nonetheless!):

//c_Cae; learn from yesterday, live for today, aim for tomorrow


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