Adult decisions, improvements and a little secret

I’ve been fairly busy lately trying to finish one project, start another and keep a third rolling. When I tell my friends about it, they’re always surprised of how I manage to keep everything rolling. Frankly, I don’t know, but I absolutely adore my life. Right now, it’s rolling at a, for me, comfortable speed. So much is happening, and I feel like I’m getting somewhere. In contrast to what I felt a few years ago, when everything seemed to move super slow. At that time, I felt like I was left behind. The feeling of when life seem to move faster than yourself. Luckily, it’s different now. Oh so different.

That paragraph wasn’t meant to happen… I just got carried away. As usual! Before starting this post, I was amazed how I managed to find inspiration. I love the blogs I follow, because they always manage to inspire me somehow. Although some of them don’t update daily, reading an old post would get me back on track. For the ones who have trouble finding inspiration: search for it! Actively look for it, because inspiration won’t just come with the next shooting star unless you move. Dreams don’t come true because people sit around and wait. Might sound harsh, but if there is to be someone to realize your dreams, it is you.

Oh right, dreams! I’ve kept the following information for over a month now, and now I just can’t shut up about it anymore. Next semester, I will start my B.Sc! To make it better, I just might have found the project I want to do for my thesis! Just thinking about it makes me want to jump around like a 5 year old in a candy store. And trust me when I say, it makes me high on life. Freakishly high. Just the other day, three buses to uni didn’t show up. I waited until the fourth came (it actually showed!), just to break down after a few stops. Most passengers just walked annoyingly to the bus that came to pick us up. Quite late for my lesson already, I was still smiling. I am still that high.

There’s another good piece of news related to my studies, but I’ll wait a little longer before I “go public” with it. It’s ridiculously good. At least to me, lol.

To boost my inspirations even more, I have my iPhone to get me all pumped up with music. If anything, music surely gets me going. Sometimes, I catch myself smiling like any fool (okay, I first spelled fool as “food”, maybe I’m hungry again. Must be from baking that pie). Right now, one of the most influential bands of my life has gotten me smitten with their single.

“All I wanna do is trade this life for something new, holding on to what I haven’t got” is really stuck in my head now. Why? Because I don’t want to trade my life for something new. I’m going to something new, that’s my destination, and it has always been. Besides, what I’m holding on to is surely something I have. Every time I hear that beautiful voice sing those lines, is like I’m being overwhelmed by euphoria. Enjoy it yourselves, while I, as my brother says: “keep OD’ing on MPL :3”

//c_Cae; now has a thing for ponies… and now that I think of it, this post had nothing to do with adult decisions nor improvements. lol…


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