Do it quick! Quicker!

Okay, fast post. Start time: 21:42.

Day started with school work that still isn’t finished (shame on me!). I also got my hair cut, the only big difference is that now I can actually see when my bangs are peacefully resting on my forehead. After doing some shopping for a salad I never made today, I hooked up with my awesome mother and hung out with her (read: get her a new ID).

In between all of that travelling around and strolling, I managed to eat a lot of pho (which is Vietnam’s national course for those of you who don’t know and are totally missing out on this awesome dish). 2 hours later, I’m eating it again so basically I have eating more or less 1kg of it. Then my favorite uncle calls and wants to go have sushi. “Sure!”, I reply without thinking what so ever. I thought of not eating and just having some miso soup and tea, but that thought went out the window as soon as I remembered how that sushi restaurant make their sushi – f#¤&ing awesome, that’s what it is. It melts in your mouth. Literally. So, I eat. Again.

Now I’m feeling as fat as a hippo but it was worth it! I got to be with my mom, and my uncle (who I don’t see very often btw cause he lives too fricken far away!). I gotta go make my lunch box now. A really long day at school, another 12h. Really exciting, but it gets tiring. Totally worth it though. Over and out, friends and foes!

End time: 21:48.

//c_Cae; oh c’mon who are you kidding? Just do it!


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