Confessions of, well you know…

A work-o-holic like me. Ever since 7am today, my mail box has been running hot. I’ve gotten several mails from everywhere every minute. It sounds busy, but it’s not. In fact, some of them actually made me smile instead of thinking: And I’m supposed to squeeze this in how?

My iCal looks like a little mess, but I like it. October has barely started, and there are already lots of things booked in. And I need to wait for a phone call this week. I hate waiting…

Sometimes it’s a good thing that I keep going all the time. I always have something happening, and boredom has become a rarity (lol, that makes me think of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. YouTube it if you don’t get it). Occasionally though, I get bored. Like tonight. I have a lot of things to achieve until this day ends, but I feel like something is missing. I feel like I need to talk to someone while I do all these things. I can’t focus. It’s like my mind needs some kind of outer intellect to keep me going. I need that kind of fuel.

Everything just feels a little off today. Weird, but I like it. I could use a little distortion in my life. That way, it’ll lure out the leader in me a little more and I’d achieve more.

//c_Cae; needs to figure out how to take scrn shot on this computer :3 


3 responses to “Confessions of, well you know…

  1. Skärmdumpar kan göras under donut (äpple/cmd) + alt + 3.

    Skaffa adium då den är den bästa IM-applikationen för Mac OS X.

  2. Shift key, Open apple (command) key and number 4 key gets you a sizable screen shot cursor….[Tell me you have an Apple computer…]

    Oh wait, if you’re at work you’re probably on a Wintel torture machine. Crap. Sorry. Ask other torturees. Good luck.


    • Thank you! And yes, I now have an Apple computer, actually it’s a MacBook Pro :)

      Thanks again!

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