Last week

A lot happened last week. I bought a new computer, met new interesting people over coffee , and I even got job offers. Amazing.
What made it even better, was when me and parts of La Famila went to Saikô for sushi. The mood was romantic, and my first impression exceeded any expectation I had before I stepped in. They even had a NES by the door! I instantly fell in love! It only got better as we were directed to our table. The only thing missing was a kotatsu.

The service was amazing. The waitress really knew her stuff. I can’t remember the last time I had dinner out and had the whole menu and the food served presented for me. It’s absolutely one of my favorite places now, and although one might think that the food is expensive – trust me when I say it is worth the money. Every step of the way.

So, now that I’m head over heels in love with this new place (although the sushi doesn’t melt in your mouth like it does at ChillOut) it is hard to get back to school life. Right now, I’m with my two ladies (read: computers) and I’m trying to figure this GIS thing out. I wish I didn’t forget to copy the files from school… But I did, and now I might as well do something else. Like study for the exam. My head feels empty (I know it isn’t), and that only makes me want to dive into the books and notes that I have. From the looks of things, I will just finish the report I meant to finish ages ago. And perhaps write that summary for a project I’m doing.

//c_Cae; just keep swimming…


One response to “Last week

  1. Tread water lightly, Caely, and when that gets too tiring, put your head back in the water and float. Look up into the sky and dream of fish…..and sushi!

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