Touched by Steve Jobs

Rain hit the window. Nothing special, I still had to get up before the sun to head for the exam in GIS. On the train to Lund, I checked my Twitter feed. There I was met with lots of sad tweets. iSad. At first, I wouldn’t believe it. I could feel the lump in my throat, my chest got heavier. Then it finally hit my eyes. The tweets telling me Steve Jobs has left this earthly life. My eyes started leaking.

Jobs always inspired me, sometimes more than others. He was innovative, full of life, and always held excellent speeches. I, who once had stage fright, looked up to him. He was someone I aspired to be like. Maybe not in his field, but I admired his way of expressing himself. A way of speaking that managed to touch whoever was listening. And it wouldn’t matter if you weren’t in his field of work, you would still be very much captivated by his words.

I knew I wanted to be like that. To talk in a manner that make people listen, make people take action. Impact, that’s what it was.

It’s been grey all day today. The sky has cried. I wonder why, the sky is now accompanied with a great man. A man, whose company has had us baffled in an already existing industry. A man, whose influence and inspiration have changed the way people dream.

Everywhere, I am met with messages of his passing. And every time I see it, a tear seems to escape my canals and runs down my cheeks. This is what it feels like when a source of inspiration dies. Today, I really dislike that feeling. But like many others, I was sincerely inspired and touched by what Steve Jobs did.

Thank you so much Steve Jobs. Your spirit will always be around us, and you’ll always have a special place in our hearts. Wherever you are, change that place like you changed it here. Rest in peace.




One response to “Touched by Steve Jobs

  1. I’ve been up reading and watching videos about Steve for much of the night. Our first day without him starts in a few minutes and we’ll carry on, hearts heavy but full of love and buoyed by the example he set. I’m with you, Caely. St. Peter better watch out, there’s a new kid in town.



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