Reflections of a work-o-holic

That part, is vicious. Even worse than Sid.

Sleep deprived people are either poor insomniacs, or work-o-holics. During all these years of having several projects running at the same time, I have never really reflected on it. Until now that is. During the whole summer have I worked, sometimes I have thought the thought of what it would be like having nothing on schedule for a few days. It’d be all good, but thing is that I’d get so terribly bored… I know. This insanely active part of me is incurable and sometimes overwhelming. Reflecting on what I thought of in my first hours of summer break, I quickly removed the idea of clearing my schedule. So I kept working, and sometimes I felt like I didn’t have enough to do.

But I did. All the hard work resulted in a brand new computer. A computer that I deserve. The downside of it, is that I haven’t really hung out with friends without being a zombie. It really occurred to me yesterday when visiting his parents. Now that I reflect on it, it was probably all the tiredness I felt during the summer. I used to fend it off with coffee and a mind solely set on working. As soon as I felt tired, I was always looking for something to inspire me more. I know very well what my goals are, I just need to keep the pace up so I reach them.

Back to my point. Most of us think of work-o-holics as lonely people that never have time for anything. To a certain sense, it is true. However, what is forgotten is often also what these people achieve. When these people achieve something, the majority of the people would just stand in awe. They all think: “Why did I not achieve things?” “Why am I not as successful?” when in fact they should be evaluating what they want and what they should do to change things.

Never mind the “friends” who complain about how little attention you give them, they’re not really worthy of your time if they complain about how much you devote yourself to something that you love doing. The real ones are the ones who actually wait for you to get the time and be with them. During bad and good times. I love the fact that my friends are like that. They don’t mind that I got a million things to do. They don’t mind that I almost never join them for a night out (because I am truly bored with the night clubs in town).

Yup. This will pay off one day.

//c_Cae; autumn is here! *jumps around in joy*


3 responses to “Reflections of a work-o-holic

  1. Dear Caely,

    1.) You go girl!

    2.) Congrats on the new computer. You deserve it. (Are you an Excel Jedi yet?)

    3.) I love your blog. Keep it up.



    • Hi,

      Thank you for your comments :) I always enjoy your words.
      And yes, I am an Excel Jedi now. The Academy just has to acknowledge my existence.

      An extra thanks for telling me you love this blog! Hearing it from you means a little extra. A little more than you might know.



      • C,

        You can tell me over a beer one day.

        The Academy doesn’t know about me either. Ha!
        Your blog is real. Your voice is natural and the window on your interesting world is clear.

        See ya,


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