What are the odds?

I’m starting to think that autumns are my prime times of the year. Each autumn semester, I meet great people that tend to stick around. People that I have much in common with, people that are equally passionate about things as I am. You’d think that you just meet these kind of people every now and then, perhaps at best once a year. And during those times, it’s only one person.

I consider myself lucky. Really lucky because this year, I managed to find four. What are the odds of finding people that work the exact same way you do, that even like the same cars that you do?
While we were just meeting to put the finishing touch of our poster for the GIS course, we never anticipated that we would end up googling our dream cars and shouting: Oh my god! That’s one of my favorite cars, too! Let me show you another one I like. And it was on repeat for the last hour of our meeting. Although it has been a struggle with this last project, and although it has been many days skipping lunch (or just having yoghurt/a fruit as substitute) accompanied with many late nights and Skype meetings, we made it. We finally made it. Now we just have to make sure to nail that presentation in front of a lot of professors (even those invited by our own professors…). No pressure at all. In fact, it’s a challenge. We’ll charm them so much, we’ll definitely make it to the international convention November 19th.

I like autumn. I love the colors. I love the rain. And I absolutely love the people I get to meet everyday.

Oh, and by the way, I just might extend my little family with another little member. Who she is will be revealed eventually…

//c_Cae; make every second count, because the hands of time are never on your side


3 responses to “What are the odds?

  1. Hi Caely,

    I’m glad you’re meeting some great people, Autumn or not, and I’m guessing you’re getting a cat.



    • Hi D,

      Nice of you to stop by and leave comments all the time! You’re the only one. And I’m afraid your guess is wrong. I’m getting a car :)


  2. Get used to it, Caely,

    I don’t know how you ever found me, but I’m glad you did. And having found you, I’m not about to go away any time soon.

    Be patient and write for yourself. You’ll have plenty of followers in due time (which is the most precious gift a young writer like you can have.)



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