After 25 years

Tonight was a special night. At this day 25 years ago, my parents were married. As usual in this family, we gather for a fancy pants dinner (not really, read: a lot of food on a tiny table). Today’s conversations ranged from how you get cancer and HIV from getting a fish pedicure to how silly quizzes are. It never ceases to amaze me how the human mind works.

I meant to buy the tastiest Italian cheese cake for my folks, but they were out. I felt a little disappointed since I had to go to Lund to get it. And I wasn’t working properly due to a poor night’s sleep. Tomorrow awaits work, and for once I do not look forward to it. I hope the sun will shine. Or else I will have to shine a little bit more.

Right now, I’m so full of food I could explode at any minute. I should however study for my exam in cell biology (I don’t really want to), and I should expand my iTunes directory (I really want to). My computer is completely empty when it comes to music. All it contains is school work. I could export it from my VAIO, but I’m not sure my laptops like each other. It’s like some kind of sibling jealousy.

I had a really good thing in mind when I started writing this, but I guess it flew out the window. Oh well, if it was important it will come back.

//c_Cae; hummingbirds are cool


One response to “After 25 years

  1. Hi Caely,

    Nice reading about dinner and fish pedicures (I’ll be declining those in the future.)(Fish pedicures, that is:)



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