End of a course

So the GIS class ended today with us presenting our posters for the Kenya project. It has been great. I met, as previously mentioned, great people. Hopefully, we made friends for a very long time. Our poster really stood out, and I’m really happy that the group never had a single fight. We always agreed and we could always sit down and discuss our problems. To boost it all, we even thought of solutions that our professors didn’t think of!

Unfortunately, I could not get a better picture of the poster but it’s better than nothing right?

Stealing this will have Chuck Norris knocking on your door. If I were you, I wouldn’t take the chance

//c_Cae; almost fainted at the presentation, but I think that only shows dedication!


6 responses to “End of a course

  1. Hi Caely,

    Congratulations on finishing your project in such a fine way. i left a reply on one of your comments on my blog. You better chase it down. I just got off the mountain and am going to sleep until i wake up to do it one more time….



  2. Heej! Jag råkade helt omedvetet radera din kommentar. hann knappt läsa den Vill du skriva om den igen om du kommer ihåg lite? (Läste når om förebilder) Kraaam

  3. Nu har jag godkänt kommentaren och inte råkat ta bort den. TACK! hihihi! Så går det när man läser kommentarer på telefonen ;)

  4. Go go team awesome! :)

    • Omg! I think we’re getting the results this week! If Karin was right, we are… I’m more nervous now than before the presentation :D

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