What a blast

The only sign of life were the sea gulls gently resting on the water surface. But Mrs. Duval didn’t give up. People that passed her and her rod were always discouraged. No one would eat the fish from the canal anyway, they said.

Suddenly, Mrs. Duval felt something. A take. Unsure of what she had on the other end of the rod, she stubbornly fought the power and reeled it in. Mrs. Duval knew the canal was full of things, mostly metal. But dynamite? It even looked new. Where did it come from? And what history lies hidden with it?


19 responses to “What a blast

  1. Welcome aboard, Caely,

    It sounds like Mrs. Duvall has reeled in more than dynamite. She’s got a mystery on her line. Good job, girl.

    Makes me want to ask about that canal. Does it exist just in your head or do you have a canal like that in your past?



    • Thank you so much, D.

      The canal is actually one that runs through my hometown. I’ve seen lots of weird things in it, even shopping carts. Some even claim there are cars in it. I have yet to see those…

      I look forward to read yours!


  2. Who knows what lies in the murky depths. Good Story.

  3. Madison Woods

    What an interesting glimpse into a different life. We had a bayou that ran through town where I used to live and I also saw shopping carts in it from time to time.

    Thanks for joining us! Hope to see you again next week :)

    • Actually, thank you for getting me involved in this. A great way of growing and getting feedback from people that doesn’t just tell you your work is good/bad.


      • Madison Woods

        If you stay with us, I’m sure you’ll get more constructive criticism as time goes by :) Not everyone likes the crit, so it was good that you stated you wanted it when you left your link.

      • Thing is, without constructive criticism one can never grow as a writer and even less as a person…

  4. Interesting and different! I like your main character being so independent.

    I recall an old fellow (none too bright) who used to fish in the “lagoon” in our town. The lagoon was the sewer treatment plant. Ewwww. He ate what he caught and lived to be old. Go figure.

    You wanted feedback, and I do have one comment: The only sign of life WAS, not WERE, because it refers to “sign.” It’s a grammar thing. :-)

    Good job, Caely!

    Here’s mine: http://sweettea.kdmccrite.com/a-highway-runs-through-it-flash-fiction-102811/

    • Oh, thank you! I was proofreading it a million times, and I knew something was off but I couldn’t grasp it. So, thank you!

      Ew! I see people fishing at fishy places all the time. And being a future marine biologist, I wouldn’t even choose to sample those waters if I had a choice…

      Thanks again for reading, and stopping by!

  5. Hi Caely,

    I left a link to mine in my comment on Madison’s story on this page http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/flash-fiction/dynamite/ . You can scroll through it to find all of the links from all of the FlashFictioneers. (And post your link again to make sure everyone has it.)



  6. What an interesting find for Mrs. Duval! Fun story, Caely. :)

  7. Love the way this opened…all about scavenging, Robin

  8. I guess wet dynamite shouldn’t be as scary, but I got worried all of a sudden that Mrs. Duval was about to be blown away. Good story!

    • We never know what wet dynamite is capable of. Especially not in the hands of a human being… ;)

  9. Great story for the prompt, and now I want to know more about Mrs. Duvall AND what she learns about the dynamite!

    • I want to know more about Mrs Duval, too. I just might continue on this one. I don’t know just yet. Thanks for leaving a trace and reading this :)

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