The eve before Hallow’s Eve

Just got home from a marvelous dinner in Trelleborg. I must admit, although a tad salty, the lasagna was delicious. But, as usual, I am hungry again. I feel for a crazy night out, but my moral stands in the way. Tomorrow, I have an important meeting for a potential future job. It’d be nice to have a job that is inside for once. I really like to be outside, but I say that having a cold that was so harsh on you, you lost your voice = not cool. I really love my outside job, it’s fun and I learn so many things each time I work. At first, it somewhat agonized me to wake up so early each morning to stand outside and look pretty/be nice…

Today was pretty nice. Being a Halloween weekend and all, most of the kids wore really cool costumes. But what I liked the most today, was that we even had our own Jack o’Lanterns. All made with whatever we could find at our stall, so no plastic! All that we used were some leaves, carrots, leeks, and a little bit of fantasy. Tada:

Charming, don’t you think?

Anyway, happy Halloween everyone (in case I won’t have the time to update). And thank you for the attention on my previous post.

//c_Cae; hitting the sack for another important day~


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