Summary Sunday

Interview went splendid and I start in two weeks from now. Feels greater than ever. I went to a comics convention close to my new job. Good mistake actually, since I bought two accessories to my phone. It’s just two onigiri with smilies on them, but very cute! I had trouble choosing one when I was there. My intention was to buy one that made me laugh, but I never anticipated that I would find two that would do so. They were available as earrings, but I would only drop those so I’d rather have them as accessories. So, I adopted these:

I can’t stop laughing when I see them, so I really think they were a good buy! The rest of our day out was topped with shopping, which resulted in a new jacket and jeans for my brother.

I just wanted to share this. And a certain song that seem to light a powerful flame in me whenever I hear it. When I hear it, the words, the tones they speak to me. They inspire me to fight harder. Like when a friend of mine told me it’d be impossible to get a green card in Australia. It bothers me that those words were spoken, but it fires me up. It makes me want to fight even harder, because no matter what, my dream is worth achieving. No matter what.

Her voice is magical, I love how she uses it. It’s as though it speaks right to the heart. And in my opinion, music doesn’t get any better than that! Enjoy!~

I think that is Megan Fox. I have yet to catch the glimts of Eminem. I know that it is about a destructive relationship, but think about it. Without all of the crap tossed at us, would we be even half as strong as we are today? Think about it. It’s worth it.

//c_Cae; fear is only there to show us what is important


3 responses to “Summary Sunday

  1. Beautiful song, Caely,

    Listen, I’ve got news for you. You’re going to go wherever the hell you want to in this world, so don’t let anything ever discourage you. Conceive it, believe it, make it so.

    Goodnight from the House of Stone.

    Your friend,


    • Thank you, D.

      I felt so discouraged today, but this made me feel a little better. Your words truly are magic to me.


      • Caely,

        That gift I told you about? The gift of time. It’s an amazing thing. Sometimes it seems like life is hard and that the good things take forever to reach you, but it’s coming Caely, it’s all coming. Each day is a miracle and so, my sweet girl, are you. Be patient, don’t settle for less than the best, channel a little Lisbeth Salander and kick some ass. Today and every day.

        If you get more than a little discouraged, write me and we’ll talk. I’ll brighten your day and tell you how to spend the gift.

        Aloha and love,


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