Saying hello to November

The first day of November felt really discouraging. Then I took a stroll downtown (I was actually doing errands, but let’s not think of that), and I saw all the colors surrounding me. Overwhelmed with the colorful leaves on the ground (yes I kicked them), and the somewhat hibernated trees I remembered how beautiful the Christmas decorations usually are. This year the municipality have decided on something new. It makes me really curious, and I wonder what it will look like. Each year the lighting and decoration baffles me. Every time I pass them by, I feel engulfed by its light. This year has had its dips, but I am sure it will be a good ending to it.

I am crediting myself for being a good girl today. I’m originally scheduled to do two literature projects over the week so I get time for other things. Who knew (okay, we all knew) the work-o-holic in me just took over today and I finished doing all the research today! I’m still not really understanding how I do it, but I do. So now I am about 5 days ahead of schedule. However I won’t let that get over my head. I’ll continue working tomorrow, too. And most likely I will continue right after I have published this post. Try stop me.

//c_Cae: moving at warp speed, and loving it!


3 responses to “Saying hello to November

  1. Caely,

    I could stop you…. if only for a moment… or more.

    (No? You’re reading this, are you not?)

    Think of me as the Winter settles in, Cae. It snowed last night on the summit, icy flakes swirling down out of a lightning laced sky, and we evacuated to a safer altitude.

    Aloha Ka Kou,


    • I did stop. I always stop for friends :)

      You make it sound so beautiful, even though you had to evacuate. I always think of you. When I see the world, I think of how you would describe it and I let that inspire me to write something. It’s Thursday, are you up for the FridayFictioneers this week?


      • Hi Caely,

        I got the photo prompt two hours ago and just finished writing the rough draft of my story. Feeling good about it. Will let it steep a while and then read it again. Have to find a title, too.

        Thanks for writing to me, Caely. You’re a gem.



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