The best weekend ever?

Lately, I have tried really hard not to walk by the sci-fi book store since there are too many things there that I want to buy. If I went in, I would probably use up all my money on books that would take me less than a month to finish. Yes, I like reading and I always read cover to cover. I’m only amazed nothing has happened to me as I’ve walked around town (crossing roads and everything) while my mind is completely inside the world of whatever book I might be reading.

A dear friend of mine called me on Friday, asking me for a favor. As usual, our talks quickly lead to books and other nerdy stuff. He proposed I checked out a site where books were really cheap, and although I told him not to, he still did. So, I ended up browsing the site and found Game of Thrones. All four volumes, in English, for about $22. I just had to buy it, and so I did. Whenever I am heading home, there is one particular person I look for: my mailman. My British mailman. If I bump into him, he’d just gladly give me my mail. I have yet to bump into him.

Saturday started off oddly, as I left work at 1pm (2 hours earlier) because of a Swedish holiday. As we were seeing off a friend, we bumped into another one. It felt odd to have so many people stare at me as I walked around with a kid holding my hand. Obviously, she wasn’t mine (it was my friend’s baby sister). But given the fact that I’m dark haired and the child was ultra-blonde, it kept fascinating me. Anyhow, our evening went on as we looked for a place to eat and we ended up at one of our favorite places discussing future plans. Very adult, huh?

Jumping from one place to another, we closed in to the first highlight of the night – being escorted to the bar where we met up with more friends in a limousine. That was a cool experience. I think I was too hyped to even breathe properly. Our night only got better from there. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so much. It was fun, although I was ridiculously tired. But as it closed to midnight, we had to head home. After all, I had some proofreading to do.

So here I am, on a Monday with a monstrous headache that won’t leave me be. It was totally worth it. Now I’m just worried for tomorrow.

//c_Cae; I was in a limo! 


One response to “The best weekend ever?

  1. Douglas MacIlroy

    You go, girl! That’s what aspirin was made for.



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