Still alive

I’ve been ridiculously busy lately. All I do is study and run between buildings and buses. I like it, and now I finally have a little time for a breather.

I was so busy, I even missed out on the Friday Fictioneers last week (sad face). There’ll be other weeks, but I was kind of hoping that I’ll be able to keep it going and never miss one. It’s the creepy perfectionist in me that speaks like that. Anyway, I’ll take more time to answer the comments on my last Friday Fictioneers. It’ll probably happen on Thursday or so. This Friday means dinner and celebrating a friend’s birthday (but also 30 crazy months with a Dutch nerd). Saturday means more party and Sunday is reserved for the beautiful Christmas decors in Copenhagen. I’ll finally get to see my loved Lund people again. I really do hope that we’ll turn Cph upside down.

Anyway, I need to continue refining my paper on the FG Syndrome. It’s due Thursday evening, that’s why I’m so busy. It’s extra hard since it is in Swedish and for me, who is almost accustomed to writing in English – you can bet that it is a challenge for me!
I know what you’re thinking. “But you grew up there, you should know it. And you should know it good!” But that is not the case. I’ve always been more comfortable with English and since I started to write seriously in English (yes I got projects up my sleeves!), it has only gotten harder and harder to write in Swedish. Oh well, the paper is calling me.

//c_Cae: “Winter is coming.”


2 responses to “Still alive

  1. Dear Cae,

    Friday Fictioneers was put off for a week because of Thanksgiving so you didn’t miss a thing. I, on the other hand, miss you.



    • Dear D,

      It totally slipped my mind that it was turkey day last week!
      I miss you, too. I’ll try post something tonight. I’ve been so busy lately that it makes me crazy, and I like being busy.
      I hope life is treating you well, my friend.


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