End of a season

“Daniel! You can’t leave me here!”

It was Cheryl’s voice, but I couldn’t see her. Autumn was around the corner. The colors of the leaves, from vibrating green to fiery red gave away the ending of summer. The sunlight was gently stroking the scenery as a painter would to his painting. I could stay here forever.

Blood stained the ground, but I felt no pain.

“You’ve been in an accident, Daniel. I need you to stay calm”, an unfamiliar voice said.
Cheryl told me not to in tears, but I longed to the magic, so I closed my eyes.


4 responses to “End of a season

  1. Dear Cae,

    Your interpretation of fading consciousness at the end of life is powerful and poignant. The question of whether we can influence what direction we take at that moment is age old and compelling.

    (You’re good at this, C:)

    Yay for your Muses!



    • Dear D,

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.
      I believe that we always can influence our directions, the true question is whether we want to.


  2. Madison Woods

    A sad moment for one, and liberating for another. So many moments like that have happened in my life and it’s all about perspective, isn’t it? Thanks for joining us this week, I enjoyed your story!

    • I had quite the challenge writing this one. I’m so stubborn with keeping it on 100 words, that it makes me kind of crazy if I exceed that amount. On the other hand, it pushes me to express myself better. I’m glad I joined this :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting :)


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