Friday night

I had planned to celebrate my friend’s birthday a little earlier, but plans change and tonight was no exception. Instead, the Dutchman and I had the dinner reservation ourselves. We did, for once, intend to do the cliché dinner with the private table and all but since our friend couldn’t make it, we simply had the dinner by the bar. The bar we both love so much, not because that’s where they have the liquor but because that’s were we used to work. We used to rock our bars, but now that profession is something we like to reminisce every now and then. Tonight was such a night.

The lamb we had was great, a little too moist for my taste but it still went down. The wine disappointed me a little, but the atmosphere of the place was great. The locale was dimmed by the heat, the place was packed after all. While waiting for the food, I was baffled by the liveliness of the other guests. I kept thinking who was there to enjoy a good meal and who was there to escape the outsides as the steamy windows created some kind of a barrier between this fantasy land and whatever was outside those walls.

The service? It was excellent. Although we probably waited 30 minutes (which is not bad considering a full house), it never felt like we waited. Ever. So whenever you come around here, visit Moccasin. You’ll love it.

And I might was the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show tonight. Probably the best Friday I’ve ever had.

//c_Cae; has had the perfect dinner date tonight <3


2 responses to “Friday night

  1. HI Cae,

    Cold in Stockholm now? Glad you had a good night out. (Looking for your FridayFictioneers post but don’t force it if the Muses are not speaking to you. Much better to let things flow naturally.

    Thinking of you,


    • Hi D,

      It’s not that cold, it’s still around 50°F. Not that bad, but sometimes the winds get the best of you. I’m working on my FF post now, the Muses came to me this morning actually. Lately, they have been waking me every Saturday morning which has caused my posts to be delayed. At least the magic is still happening, right?

      Lots of love,

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