What keeps me warm winter 2011

Sweden isn’t really known to be the hottest place on the planet, and even though you dress up and feel as fat as a male elephant seal and as agile as a toddler on ice – you are still cold. I blame the winds. They tend to slap you harder than anything around here.

So to keep myself warm, that is except from dressing up like a meatball, I do things that keep my mind from the cold. Earlier this week, I helped an old man find his friend. Apparently, his friend didn’t return his calls. So the friend got worried, and decided to go visit. But since the neighborhood I live in seem like more of a prison than a apartment complex, the old man had a hard time finding his way to his friend. And no one helped him. So I ask what was wrong and I helped.

I also tend to read a lot, but I get very distracted whenever the sun is shining. Here, when the sun shines, it is usually a sign of a very very cold day. At least during winter. During the summer, you could evaporate all the extra fat that’s been buckled up after all the holidays. So, I just tend to do things instead of whining about the cold. Just do it, right?

Also, the lecture today went great. I got a really good response from my course mates and supervisors, both on the written part (although it was in Swedish!) and on the presentation. In my personal opinion, I was a little bit too nervous. I even forgot parts of my script. Still a good lecture. I’d do it again. But then, preferably in English.

Gotta sleep now, must prepare myself for the most boring voice in the history of biology.

//c_Cae; when it gets too cold, make sure your heart is warmer…


One response to “What keeps me warm winter 2011

  1. Dear Cae,

    I love your posts. Don’t ever stop.

    You were kind to that old man, a trait I’ve noticed already in you.

    I’d love to surprise you one day in Stockholm by walking up to you and asking directions to Hawaii or something.

    I’m looking forward to your post on FridayFictioneers.



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