A helping hand

“Heating’s gone away. Ever since they left and never came back, I’ve managed to survive on my own somehow”, he said with a heavy voice.

Vincent was my best friend. Ever since his parents died in that freak car accident, I’ve been covering his back every day, even if it meant sneaking out food out of my parents’ fridge.

I just couldn’t believe my parents didn’t allow him to live with us. Carrie moved out years ago, and her room was empty, a little girly but empty nonetheless. I’ll ask them again, Vinny can’t live like this. Not alone.


9 responses to “A helping hand

  1. I lkike this because it makes me wonder what will happen next. The freak car accident alluded to makes me want to know more, it’s enticing.

  2. There is a lot of story in this 100 words! I hope he can move into the pink room!
    Great use of the prompt!

  3. Dear Cae,

    What a wonderful story. Show me your heart clear across the gulf that lies between us. Vincent is in good hands. Well done.



    • Dear D,

      A lot of my writing is done while thinking of and reading your work. I don’t think I can express how much you inspire me by just existing. (And in my opinion, it’s just a little lake in between us).

      Don’t let the summit’s cold get to you. Your heart is warm.


      • It’s a lake I’ll be crossing one of these years. Be my luck to play in the Stockholm Open after you’ve moved to Australia. Have you noticed your readership is growing?

        I just came inside after a two hour shift. Lunar eclipse is starting. Totality in an hour and 45 minutes.

        Thinking of you, C.



  4. Madison Woods

    Very touching story. I wish his parents would let Vinny move in too! That was a really loaded 100 words and well done.

    • Hi M!

      Thanks for taking time on reading this!
      I was actually surprised myself, as the story just popped up in my head. I probably spent several hours staring at the picture before I finally let it go.

      Loved your story, too.


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