Discussions with a 4 year old

This weekend, we went to a friend’s place (in the middle of nowhere) to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. She turns four so we bought her a pony. She liked it, and somehow it triggered a whole choir of little girls telling their parents they wanted one for Christmas. Whops.

It was nice, although at first it felt like I was out of place because of all the new people. On Saturday, I was pretty surprised. All the previous times that I have met little Maya, she has always been shy of me. As soon as our eyes meet, she goes hide behind her father. So with that in mind, I didn’t expect much from her this time either. Even though we bought her a talking (and somewhat flying) pony.

What happened was, she first started talking to me. And all of the sudden, she’s all over me. She and her brother kept telling me I was a robot, because I’m Chinese and that’s where robots are from. Hilarious. Then, it was getting late and I decided to go shower. Guess what 4 year old decides she wants me to shower her? Yup. Her father looked at me, but he knows very well I have managed 16 cousins. The first time I changed diapers was on my baby brother, and at that time I was only 6. So taking a shower with a 4 year old wasn’t really that hard. And here is when the little filly starts to talk. A lot.

– It must be hard to be an adult. You have to take off so much clothes, must be exhausting, is the first thing she tells me.
Not really, you get used to it.

She stares at me like I just said the most baffling thing she has ever heard. Cute.

– I’m a shark! And I’m gonna bite you!
– Oh no! *fends kiddo off with water*
– Aaaah! You can’t do that. I’m scared of water!
– But sharks can’t be scared of water…
– I’m Pippi Longstocking, not a shark!
– Where is your monkey and your horse, then?
– Mommy wouldn’t let my horse into the house and my monkey was asleep. I’m still scared of water.
– But Pippi’s dad is a pirate, you can’t be scared of water.
– I’m a shark! *tries to bite*

Funny thing is, that she kept evading the water by climbing everywhere. First I was scared she might slip, but then I thought I’d catch her if she did.

Just before we were heading out again, she said:

– Do you wear an arb to cover your boobies so daddy can’t see them?
A what? I replied while thinking what on earth was going on in her head. Still, very cute.
– Because you’re not mommy so daddy shouldn’t see your boobies.
Honey, it’s called a bra.

Obviously, she is smarter than you’d think. It’ll be interesting to see what will become of her. I just wish I took a picture of me and her.

//c_Cae; new header!


5 responses to “Discussions with a 4 year old

  1. An arb? Does she read? Is she dyslexic?

    How you doing, Cae?

    Things are stormy here. Watched the full lunar eclipse on Saturday morning. Got chased off the mountain by snow and ice Saturday night. I hope all is well with you and that your Christmas is a wonderful one.



    • Hi D,

      She probably meant a bra, and I don’t think she reads just yet. Not long before she does though.

      I’m okay, I keep literally being blown away. It’s getting windy here as winter is coming. Still no snow yet though.

      I missed that eclipse! Has the storm passed yet? And how are you? Christmas is closing up, I have yet to find all my gifts I plan to give.
      I hope you are well.


  2. Haha, så söt! Vänta när du får din egna barn…! ;)

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