Baking and Asian moms

I just spent three and a half hours with my mom baking. The thing with Asian moms (or Asian parents overall) is that they never give you any compliments, but when they do – they really mean it. Let me give you an example. Getting an A in a test means next to nothing, however if you scored top of your class – you just won yourself something special from your folks. Special as in they’d buy you the world if they could. They raise you to be an overachiever, and they would not accept anything less than that.

In the middle of baking, my mom tells me that I seem so pro at baking although I never bake. I took it in as if it was the oxygen I breathe. That’ll fuel me now when the winds are like kisses from the Ice Queen. I better get that last batch out of the oven before I go make smoothies. Yes, I am an overachiever in case  you wondered.

Traditional saffron buns :)

Cinnamon buns! No sugar coat because sugar is bad for you ;)

//c_Cae; jackfruit smoothie coming up! 


3 responses to “Baking and Asian moms

  1. MMmmmmmm!

    Looks delicious, Cae!

    Over achiever? You?

    Never would have guessed it.



    • Thank you, D.

      Also a little extra thanks for being so good at commenting all the time.


      • C,

        You have become a good and enduring friend. The joy I get from looking through the window to your world is such that I’ll be commenting until I drop or your husband says stop.

        Your friend,


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