2011 Nobel laureate lectures

Today, I’ve been running around between different faculties and institues at the university just to be able to listen to this year’s Nobel laureates. And also ask them for advice. As a scientist, my biggest fear (or something) is while working with a project, I’ll get stuck. Not stuck as in not knowing what to do, but stuck as in not being able to see anything else but your project. So with other words, I’d never want to be stuck in the box. I want to be able to think outside box at all times. So I asked them.

The university invited the physics and medicine/physiology laureates to speak, and I was baffled over how much I understood. Yet at the same time, I have never felt so out of my league. It’ll take me light years before I reach their level of intellect. That’s a really nice challenge.

The first lecture, was the physics laureate Brian P. Schmidt presenting his theories about supernovae and the accelerating universe. Very interesting, until he got to the math which totally bored the living crap out of me. Right after that, I had to attend my genetics class. When that finished, I headed to the medical faculty to attend the other laureate lecture by Bruce B Beutler how mammals sense infection.Very interesting lecture, and I was amazed over how much I actually understood given all the medical terms. At this point, the clock probably ticked to 4pm and I started to feel faint. That’s when I realized this day had me all hyped up I hadn’t eaten anything. Still, I did not think of food. Instead I wished the intellect of the dialogues between the doctors and professors around me could feed me. At that point, I seriously thought the intellect stopped me from fainting.

Still, the day ended well. I got my food, and my intellect was indeed satisfied. Also, I got a piece of advice from Mr. Schmidt to keep me from ever getting caught inside the box. “Always go into a problem or a hypothesis to prove it wrong. That way, you’ll always keep your mind open to new things.” It’s not every day that you get that from a Nobel laureate, and I’ll carry it with me. One day, I’ll tell it to someone else.

A very interesting Brian P. Schmidt
Bruce B Beutler presenting his work (bad caption I know)

I remember I wanted a Nobel prize when I was younger. Now I just want to preserve what is left of our planet. And as a side note, I’d like to add that Canada’s delegate at the COP17 said the green house gases are no threat to the environment. I don’t think I have read about anything that ignorant in a while. With that, I’m saying good night.

//c_Cae; expand the knowledges about everything


3 responses to “2011 Nobel laureate lectures

  1. Dear Caely,

    Brian P. Schmidt is one of three observers who did a large portion of their work at Keck Observatory. Tell them you’re friends with one of the staff there. See what they say.

    They’ll go…”Oh, that’s nice,” who?

    Enjoy the lectures.



    • Oh D,

      You keep astonishing me. Somehow you always make me admire you more. Unfortunately I won’t be able to ask mr Schmidt about you since he left the university this morning.

      The world is so big, yet so small.


      Ps. Looking forward to the Friday Fictioneer’s yet? ds

  2. Dear Caely,

    Don’t be in the least bit astonished. He doesn’t know me, nor I him. I just happen to be a cog in the wheel of one of the observatories he and his partners used.. But it is interesting the tiny degree of separation that just happenedbetween us.

    I was just thinking about the photo prompt for this Friday and I swear I’m empty of ideas. I guess I’d better stir the old gray matter before Thursday midnight arrives.

    I’ve been outside shoveling snow for several hours. How about that for living in Hawaii.



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