I was naked and exposed. My mind kept telling me how shocked I was. He was someone I trusted. Yet here I was in the corner of the bed, shaking of fear.

The scarlet stains on the sheet caught my attention. I searched my body for wounds when he broke the silence.

“This won’t be the last time,” he said as he stepped out the room, locking the door.

The tears running down my cheeks felt like the comforting caresses of a mother. But I was here alone in a corner, shaking of fear on a blood stained bed.


14 responses to “Captivity

  1. Dear Caely,

    Well, you’ve started us off with a bang. How did you find yourself there, in a locked room at the mercy of someone you trusted? I think there is more to this story than meets the eye.

    I’m glad you’re one of us now, Cae. Glad you’re freeing all the locked up prisoners.



    • Dear D,

      It was a destructive relationship, where both parts were addicted to the abuse without realizing it until the damage was far too great. And there is definitely more to this. I just didn’t know whether I should reveal too much.

      I couldn’t be more thankful for your invitation to this. It certainly is a little ray of light in this otherwise so gloomy part of the world.


  2. I’m suspecting this is baby steps towards healing? I’m assuming, with this short essay, that you felt like this tree…bare, exposed?
    I hope these short exercises help you; writing is quite therapeutic, isn’t it? Good luck.

    • This is truly a story towards healing and breaking free. Stories of inner strength and courage are always the same in the end, getting there on the other hand is a different matter. One just need to find what is best for oneself.

  3. Madison Woods

    Wow- what a powerful 100 words. I think you should definitely write the rest of the story (if you haven’t already) and share as much as you’d like. I can easily see the ‘naked and exposed’ in the prompt and how it relates to your story, even if it is different than what I expected to find.

  4. Wow, intense story, Caely.

  5. The second sentence jumpstarted a whole set of reactions, well done, Robin

  6. Wow. That was a hard one to read. Very well said, though, very well…

    • There is more to this story than meets the eye. We’ll simply have to see what comes next ;)

  7. A story with real impact! It’s pleasing to see courage to deal with heavy ideas.

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