Winter break!

It’s finally here, yet I am studying. It took me approximately 2.5 hours to get bored of this vacation so I decided to study. The upcoming holidays will be busy, full of family dinners and food. Honestly, I love my family, but I am really sick of the Christmas food and dinners. It never changes, it’s always the same dishes all the time.

As things look now, I’ll be busy Dec 23 to Dec 25. All days packed with dinners and lots and lots of people. And I have yet to buy all my Christmas gifts. If I didn’t know people were getting me gifts, I wouldn’t bother to buy anything. After all, the holidays are about getting together, not stuff ourselves full with gifts and food that make our blood vessels clot. I love meeting the people, it’s just that the thought of the tables with lots of food makes me full. It even gives me goose bumps.

Anyway, I should get on with my studies. Exams are lurking right after the vacation is over. I do however look forward to the lectures we have then. It’s all about evolution, something that always fascinated me (although genetics still isn’t my thing in the biology field). I just hope I will have enough time to study, and to finish the review on the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

//c_Cae; as busy as ever!


3 responses to “Winter break!

  1. Dear Caely,

    The way you work I fully expect to read about you receiving the Nobel Prize for Marine Biology some day.

    Eat sparingly, love without reservation and enjoy your ‘vacation’!



    • Dear D,

      Really? If they ever institute such a prize, I will definitely get it. At that point, I expect you to be there to hear my thank you speech.

      Happy holidays, D.


  2. Lyx med lov ;)
    Stella fastnar inte så lätt på bbild eftersom hon är så svart =) Och hon och Leia tillsammans på bild brukar mest resultera i två skuggor ;) Men håll utkik så kommer det snaaaart ett julkort med dom på bloggen. KRAM

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