Christmas is here

I basically have spent two days strolling around town to find my gifts, and today was one of those days. I still have one left to buy, but that will be taken care of tomorrow morning. It’ll be a long day. First off to buy that last gift, then off to my old work to say happy holidays to my former co-workers (they’re so sweet so I keep coming back, even if it is just for visiting). After that I have to meet up with the Dutchman to prepare for the holidays we’re going to spend with our families.

I like them, I just wish (and I make this wish every year) that they weren’t so scattered around Scania. It’d be easier if they lived closer to each other, but I guess it could have been far worse. First out is his mother, so we’ll see how that goes. If I am in luck, I will update. If not, I will live to see Dec 24.

And remember, just because everyone else is buying gifts like crazy it doesn’t mean you have to join the crazy lot, too. As long as it is meant from heart, it’s worth all the money in the world. And yes, I’m a little bummed because the Friday Fictioneer’s is off because of the holidays…

//c_Cae; even though there is no snow, the spirits are still here…


2 responses to “Christmas is here

  1. Hi Cae,

    I’m bummed too. But glad to hear from you and hope you survive until next time. You’re lucky your family is as close as it is. Try living in Hawaii. I’m off to shop now. If I hurry I can get all my gifts for last year…. I’m really behind!

    Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!



    • Dear D,

      I survived, but I am so full of food right now I can barely move. Did you find your gifts?

      And I wish you a merry Christmas, with lots of warmth and love.


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