A pet?

I’ve always wanted a pet. But since I’m basically allergic to everything with fur, I haven’t gotten the chance to have a cat or dog. Then I decided life shouldn’t be all about allergies stopping me from getting a pet (except for fish, because I already have like 80 fish in a huge aquarium…). So I really wanted to get a furry little thing, but since the Dutchman also is allergic to fur and we both concluded we can’t have ourselves crying whenever we’re home because of our furry pet, we ditched that plan.

And then I remembered something cool. I could always get a pygmy hedgehog. They’re really cool, and they won’t trigger any allergies. For now, I’m doing some research about them and so far they don’t seem to be much harder to handle than any other pet. I don’t have to walk them, I don’t have to get it vaccinated, and I don’t have to give them much more attention than I would to a cat. That solves many problems given the thought that I cannot squeeze in time to walk any pet. And getting a pet should be done after thorough consideration, and I have always thought it is unfair to get say, a dog, if you don’t have time to walk it.

Also, pygmy hedgehogs don’t bite cords and stuff so all we need to be careful about is that it won’t get tangled in our laundry so we (god forbid) toss the poor little fellow into the machine… The following video had me head over heels for those little fellows.

So the Christmas holidays have come to an end. We just got home from a small dinner party. It’s so nice being able to hang out with only a few people at the time. So much unlike the family dinners we have had lately, with over 10 people by the dinner tables. It makes things so much more difficult. I mean, you want to be able to talk to everyone but it’s basically impossible with that many people. Well, that is if you don’t speed date them all…

Anyway,  I gotta continue reading all there is about those spiny little creatures of massive cuteness.

//c_Cae; just might get that pet after all, yay!


2 responses to “A pet?

  1. A pet hedgehog?

    Good luck with that one, Cae.



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