New year resolutions?

No. Just no. I’m not gonna do them, because if I did the list would be a gazillion miles long. I like people that make them, but they don’t work out for me. I make lists all the time, and I call them my mini goals that I need to achieve after a certain period of time. In short, I make “new year resolutions” every month. It makes my life easier, and I actually remember and manage to achieve them. So instead of promising myself I’d live an even healthier life 2012, I just make promises to myself every month to keep myself going. That way I won’t lose or forget them.

Besides, many people tend to turn their new year resolutions into some kind of “to do” list, which is not the point.
I don’t know what will make of 2012, but it sure is going to be awesome. And it’ll definitely be better than 2011.

//c_Cae; every hardship makes you stronger, remember that.


3 responses to “New year resolutions?

  1. Dear Cae,

    The only time there ever is is now. I’m glad to know you and resolve to visit Stockholm and teach you to play disc golf. (This resolution is not tied to any particular year.)

    Have a Happy New one.



    • Dear D,

      I look forward to the day you teach me disc golf! It’d be a blast I know it.

      May the new year be a better one.



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