Oh my gosh. I totally forgot I had a blog. I also forgot last week’s Friday Fictioneer’s until I received a mail about it. Crappers!
I’ve been busy as usual. With the new years and all, I figured I’d take a day off. One day turned into two. The only thing I did yesterday was to clean the apartment and even if it took me half a day, it’s still not clean enough! At least I’m glad the cleaning freak in me is still alive. Now I just have to come up with what to make for dinner tonight.

I’m stuck writing a report, and what astonishes me is that my writing in English has improved since I joined the Friday Fictioneer’s. I noticed this because I was just comparing two reports, one that I wrote before the FF and one after. I’m so glad I joined, and I absolutely love the stories that are presented every Friday. Now if the storm just passed, I could go out for a run so I can improve more things.

Feels so odd that it’s stormy now and not in September. Storms usually pop up around fall here, and not after new year’s… Anyway, back to writing I go. Oh, here’s a picture from new year’s eve! No drunk smiles involved but it’s the first picture I have ever edited. Yay me.

That rum was highly appreciated at the party. No drunk accidents though (lucky).

//c_Cae; I’ll never stop writing! 


2 responses to “

  1. Hi C,

    Checking in on you. Might have a big surprise for you soon. Looking forward to reading your post for FridayFictioneeers. (And yes, you’re right, your writing in english has improved.



    • Hi D,

      Surprises are always welcome :) It’s Friday soon! Getting really excited for your story, got to read yours from last week, too.


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