Snow hunt

The snow was probably 4 feet deep in some places, and it kept falling. A deep breath and the cold air reminded me once again exactly where it went. Riley looked at me with his big brown eyes right before he dashed off.

“RILEY! Look what you did, Kyle. I know that snow ball was meant for me, but you could’ve at least waited until Riley was inside the house.”

My brother stood there with a grin on his face. He knew I’d had to chase down Riley before that puppy would give up looking for snow in snow.


28 responses to “Snow hunt

  1. Hi Caely,

    Loved your story, especially the ‘looking for snow in snow’ mindset of the dog.

    You must see deeeeeeep snow where you live, right?

    Don’t forget to link this up when Madison pulls the trigger.



    • Hi D,

      Glad you liked it! Wanted to try something new, realized that most my stories are just gloomy and very mysterious.

      Unfortunately, we still don’t have snow here. There is only wind.


  2. haha!
    Very cute! Poor Riley :)

  3. Dog’s are funny that way! Fun one!

  4. Yeah, I agree with the comment above, it was a fun story. I got a little confused with the second paragraph though, when all these names come tumbling out at the same time…but that might just be my fault, it’s still early here and my brain might not be warmed up all the way yet.

    • I did notice (once I published it) that the sudden apparence of names might confuse people, it even confused me when I read it the next morning so either mornings aren’t our thing or that piece is really confusing. Thanks for reading :)

  5. A snowball fight is such a good way to develop a story about snow. I can just see the brother standing there grinning after his prank.
    My link:

  6. Cute story, and so much in it that’s dog-like–the slipping outside when he shouldn’t, the chasing and looking for a ball, the playfulness this piece exuded. Great job.

    Here’s mine:

  7. Young dogs love playing in the snow. He’ll find the snowball by the human scent. Bringing it back may be another story :)

    mine is at

  8. Madison Woods

    Haha, the dog looking for snow in snow is the best line and so just like a dog. When our squirrel dog was young I went hunting with him for the first time. I had no idea that a ‘squirrel’ dog would not even notice there were squirrels in trees. He spent all his time nosing around a daddy long-legs on the ground and didn’t see the squirrels! If there had been snow on the ground that day, he’d probably have spent the entire hunt hunting snow, LOL.

    • Haha! I only have memories of cats, never owned a dog but I bet dogs are way more fun in snow than cats are.

      Thanks for doing this (and for reading).


  9. John Hardy Bell

    ‘Looking for snow in snow…’ kind of a spot on description of what a dog does, huh? :)

    I really enjoyed the story.

  10. That is a good line, “looking for snow i snow..”
    Brothers will be brothers.

    Here’s mine:

  11. Hi Caely,
    Really charming and a great diversion from doom and gloom, if that’s what you usually do. I love the way dogs love snow, and how puppies are just so engagingly, joyfully idiotic. A pleasure to read.

    • Hi,

      I usually write kind of mysterious stories with a bit of excitement. Sometimes gloomy, sometimes just old fashioned mystery. Thanks for stopping by.


  12. Kids playing in the snow makes me so happy. What a refreshing change. I usually don’t read or write these things, and it was sort of what I needed this morning. What a great job!

    My drabble can be read here:

    • Glad I could make a tiny difference, then! I’ll head over to your story now.
      Thanks for reading :)

  13. Vart är du någonstans? =P Här är då ingen snö.

    Skrattade högt när jag fick ditt inlägg. Fy fan va sjukt! Presentkort på ica är bättre då! Å andra sidan får du ta en sallad o en ramlösa på mcdonalds då ;)

    • Bilden är inte min, skriver korta noveller varje fredag. Är en tjej i USA som postar på hennes blogg och ber hennes läsare skriva noveller inspirerade av bilden. Är med där mest för nöjes skull.

      Haha jag vet! Trodde först jag fick ett par biobiljetter… Men ärligt talat så är det mer fett i McDonalds sallader än burgarna och det är bara tragiskt.


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